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Liikkuva kauneus Vantaa kartta

No Travel Charge
I will travel to you without any additional travel charge to following postcodes:

Vantaa 01200 - 01520
Helsinki 00500-00940
Kerava 04200-04260
Tuusula 04300-04380
Järvenpää 04400-04480
Sipoo 01150-04240

Other areas
For other areas, travel is charged at €0.50/km (ALV 24% inc) from Kumpare 39, 04240 Talma, Sipoo. I will give you an estimate of the travel charge at the time of booking.


See available times here.

Why book a mobile beauty salon appointment?

Convenience and total relaxation! You don't have to worry about hurrying to a location, finding a parking place or other stress factors outside your home. After the treatment you can just wrap yourself in bathrobe and maybe have a nap. Perfect!

Who can receive treatments?

The selection is aimed at adult women and men but some treatments are suitable for under 18s if a parent or guardian is present and has given their approval. Intimate sugaring is always only for those over 18.

Treatment time

All treatments are performed in an unhurried manner as I dedicate myself to be purely at your service. Please reserve 15 minutes on either side of your appointment time to allow for possible travel delays and setting up and taking down the beauty salon at your location.

Minimum charge

My minimum charge is €50 per appointment.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your treatment with cash or by bank transfer before the treatment. When making a booking I will check which method you prefer.

Is my location suitable?

At your chosen location, I will need an area around 3.5m x 1.5m and access to electricity and water. Try to choose a peaceful place in your home or similar for the treatments, so you will enjoy all the benefits from this relaxing time.


I have a lot of heavy equipment with me so I will need access to a suitable place to park near your location. I will discuss this with you when making the booking and please note, any parking charges are not included in the treatment prices.


I understand that sometimes something might come up and you have to cancel. Please try to inform me 24 hours before the appointment so that I can free the time up for someone else.

Intimate sugaring

DOES IT HURT: this sugaring takes place on a sensitive area so you will experience some discomfort and pain. The first sugaring appointment is always the most painful but if you maintain your sugaring visits within the recommended 4-5 weeks you will find it much less painful the next time and every time thereafter it should just get easier.

SUAGRING PROCEDURE: You will need to lie on the beauty couch wearing a supplied disposable thong or with a naked from bottom half, whichever you prefer. One leg is bent or some times both legs are in a frog position. Sugaring between the bum cheeks takes place last with you lying on your side. By the way, sugaring on this area is pretty painless!

HOW OFTEN: The usually recommended maintenance period is around 4-5 weeks depending on your growth cycle.

HOW LONG AM I HAIR FREE? After your first sugaring visit you might notice stray hairs in 1-2 weeks time. This is because your hair grows in different cycles. If you keep up regular sugaring, you will notice the hair staying away for longer and longer periods. After two or three visits most people will stay hair-free for 3-6 weeks. Therefore regular sugaring is essential to keep you hair-free for longer periods, plus the procedure is much less painful for you if maintained regularly.


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